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Police Training Academy Structural Repairs Richmond, VA

Categories : Municipal, Sensitive & Secure Facilities, Site Improvements & Construction

June 2019

Athens Building Corp. is awarded the Project for Structural Repairs to the Exterior Site and Parking Deck areas. The scope of work includes Sealant removal and replacement, grout and seal crack repair, cleaning and painting of steel, selective demolition of existing steel and concrete structural and nonstructural elements, soil removal, storage, and replacement in existing planters, reconstruction of concrete masonry units, precast concrete coping and veneer, and associated flashing, installation of new waterproofing membrane and protection board, installation of new steel beams and concrete surface repairs.


Construction of the Structural Elements is complete. Project is coming to a close.


Project Completed

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DSCR Warehouse 15 Bay G Richmond, VA

Categories : Government Installations, Sensitive & Secure Facilities

Athens Building Corp. is awarded the contract for renovations to an existing 21,000 square foot warehouse storage facility, to include new layout of spaces and installation of caged storage units.  New mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler, fire alarm, and telecommunications systems will be installed.  The Owner is the Department of Military Affairs. This project has a 42% SWAM Vendor criteria.


Selective Demolition is complete. New Systems are starting to get roughed in place.

May 1 2020

Project Completed

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10460 ORF Departures Building Norfolk, VA

Categories : Air Port / Transportation, Municipal

June 2018 – Athens Building Corp. is awarded the Construction Contract for renovations/additions of Departures Building at Norfolk International Airport. Scope of work consists of Demolition of two precast vestibules and portions of the existing building envelope. Remove two hydraulic elevators, modernization and renovation of two existing elevators. One passenger and one freight.
Construction of 2 new two-story vestibule expansions, each with new hydraulic passenger elevators. The expansions will be precast panel on structural steel framing and glazed curtain walls. Project Value $2.7M

12/10/2018  Demolition is complete!

3/1/2019 – Construction is under way. the North Wing Superstructure is almost completed.

2/10/2020  Project Complete

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10631 Alexandria Union Station Alexandria, VA

Categories : Air Port / Transportation, Historical Preservations

9/4/2019 – Athens Building Corp. is awarded the Project for Alexandria Union Station. The scope of work consists of Structural Concrete Repairs to the Building envelope. The historic Union Station will be opened during the renovations. All train travel traffic has been re-directed and construction will not impede the transportation of passengers.

11/5/2019 – All of Shoring and Demolition is complete.

2/15/2020  Project Completed.


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Riverside Park Overlook Renovations Lynchburg, VA

Categories : Historical Preservations, Special Construction

Athens Building Corp. is awarded the Contract for Historical Renovations to the Overlook at Riverside Park for the City of Lynchburg. The existing stone overlook in historic Riverside Park will have the east and west stone walls deconstructed and rebuilt with a concrete backup wall and associated concrete foundation. Stone will be salvaged from the existing wall. The top of the stone wall and pilasters will be rebuilt to match existing. The existing stone buttresses to remain on the north wall will be supported by concrete footings, and proper drainage maintenance will be installed throughout the overlook area.

Project Estimated to be Completed late 2019. Project Value is $680K

7/5/2019…Progress on jobsite.  Local News  Click Here for the Story

7/25/2019 West Side is being Reconstructed.

Project Completed


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Alexandria Fire Station 201, Alexandria,VA

Categories : Historical Preservations, Municipal, Uncategorized

Athens Building Corp. is awarded the Contract for building renovations to the # 201 Fire Station in Alexandria. FS 201 is the City’s oldest fire station.  In the early 1900’s, the fire station was constructed from three (3) separate buildings. Scope of work includes the removal and replacement of the bay floors of the entire first floor at Fire Station (FS) 201, located at 317 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.  The Alexandria Fire Department (AFD) is planning on upgrading their equipment to a larger size with heavier wheel loading weight.  The new floor slab along with structural improvements necessary for addressing the soil deficiencies, and the extra capacity needed to bear the new equipment loading. Additionally, there will need to be upgrades to the floor drains and an installation of an oil/water/sediment separator in order to meet code compliance.


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City of Richmond Parking Garage Structural Repairs Richmond, VA

Categories : Municipal, Special Construction

March 5, 2019

Athens Building Corp. is awarded the  project  to perform structural repairs of parking garages at four, (4), different parking facilities.  The work will entail but not be limited to architectural  systems comprising of ornamental metals and safety barrier systems constructed of structural metal members, metal railings finishes, coping and cap stone removal and  realignment, and wood railing system removal and replacement.  A number of the systems that were reviewed and found to be in need of replacement and repair.  There are four, (4), separate areas which are categorized by the separate parking garages housing the conveyance systems.  Four, (4), sets of plans corresponding to  the proposed work have been developed and approved for construction.  Although separate plans are provided the project will be performed in totality as one, (1) effort.

5th & Marshall Street, Coliseum Parking Garage, Shockoe Plaza Parking Garage, 2nd Street & Grace Street Garage

2nd & Grace St. completed 10/1/2019


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Henrico County Library Hdqrts, Henrico VA

Categories : Municipal, Special Construction

Athens Building Corp. is awarded the construction contract for renovations and exterior repairs to the Henrico county Library Headquarters located on Parham Road. the scope of the project includes site work, concrete pavements and ADA Rails leading to the parking lot. The Value is $250K and the project is expected to be completed by 1/31/2019

2/4/2019 – Work has been impeded by weather. Additional Existing conditions were discovered on the jobsite extending the value of work to more than double. Project is moving forward after overcoming these obstacles.

August 2019  Project Completed


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10454 W91236-18-B-0014 Renovate 60C Building, Richmond, VA.

Categories : Government Installations, Sensitive & Secure Facilities

6/27/2018   Athens Building Corp. is awarded the Construction Contract for renovations of warehouse 60 at Defense General Supply Center Richmond.
Project consists of major renovation and repair encompassing the entire low-roof addition to Warehouse 60C. Construction to include New Roofing, Windows and Doors, Interior renovations of walls, ceilings, floors, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Low Voltage, Fire Alarms and Sprinklers as well as a complete Furniture Package. Project Value $1.8M

3/10/2019  Project is at the finishing stages. There were a few change directives due to unforeseen conditions but the construction has progressed as scheduled.

August 2019: Project Complete

Government Evaluation





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Bufford Middle School Drainage Project Charlottesville, VA

Categories : Educational Facilities, Municipal, Site Improvements & Construction, Special Construction

Athens Building Corp. is awarded the Contract for the Bufford Middle School.  This work involves creating a concrete channel, running parallel to the covered walkway, leading to the gymnasium. At the bottom of the covered walkway a new 10″ drainage pipe is to be installed, picking up the discharge from the new channel and tying into an existing inlet. Project start date is June 10, 2019 and final completion by August 2019.

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