Following the 2011 Earthquake in Louisa County, these were the only remaining Elementary Schools left. Our deadline in order to get the kids back in school so they would not have to repeat the school year was 90 Calendar Days. Our project scope included structural repairs to all CMU Walls and installation of Rebar Reinforcement to the structural footings of all areas. New structural steel bracing and additional support on all Cafeteria and Gymnasium structures. New metal roof decking and Roofing throughout the Cafeterias and Gymnasiums. Complete new finishes throughout to include Gymnasium Wood Flooring. The County, A&E Firm and Contractor worked closely on a 24/7 basis to accomplish this monumental task. Both Schools were completed within hours of each other with TES being the winner in the Superintendent Race. All areas looked and felt brand new after the renovations as the parents and school officials rested with a piece of mind that no matter what mother nature brings to Louisa, the Elementary Schools will survive.

Engineer: Dewberry Davis  Completed: 2012