New Construction of 19K + Sq. Ft. Three Story Facility to include Birthing Center, Medical Office Space and 4 Apartments to house visiting physicians. Construction included Structural Steel skeleton which supported a wood framed structure. All vaulted roof areas were injected with foam insulation in order to help condition the building as well as the traffic noise from highway 3. The site development included a 200 gph deep well, retaining pond as well as a state of the art drain field which was powered and backed up by a generator. The site allowed for an emergency Helicopter Landing site in the instance where medical evacuation was needed. The LP back up generator is large enough to power the building as well as all of the medical emergency equipment.

This was a USDA funded prototype facility in order to aid rural communities which the local hospitals discontinued maternal care due to lack of funding. The facility was constructed in 210 days, as per the contract requirements, despite the 2009-10 severe winter. Accreditation and certificates were delivered 21 days ahead of schedule.

Project Value: $1.58M  Architect: Randall Kipp Architecture  Completed: 2010