Historical Preservations

Preserving & Restoring Virginia’s Historical Buildings since 1997


Roseneath Road Apartments Museum District Richmond, VA

A large part of our sustainability values stems from our dedication to furnishing historic preservation and the appropriate renovation, rehabilitation, or restoration of historic buildings in Virginia.  We have worked with owners, architects, and historic societies throughout the Commonwealth since 1997.

We combine a long standing commitment to the distinctive architecture of the region with a full array of professional construction services.  By accomplishing these important structures to continue to meet modern expectations for shelter and service, we assure their continued usefulness to another generation. In order to provide the most comprehensive solutions, we have long dedicated our company to the development of the skills necessary to reproduce period craftsmanship in a full range of historic materials, masonry, plaster, timber framing, and decorative finishes, as well woodwork and mill work. This diverse capacity enables us to produce reliable work, fully in coherence with the existing structure. We know the delicate techniques and materials used to build these structures and have the capacities to repair, restore, and extend the usefulness of their original intent.

What is the difference between a restoration and a renovation?

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The State Capital Bell Tower Richmond, VA

Restorations are very historically accurate projects carried out by removing non-original features and by repairing and reconstructing missing features from the period of significance.  We typically carry out restoration projects for museums and other municipal institutions.

Renovations are generally less historically accurate. Most of our projects fall into this category. The goal of most of our renovations is to adapt a building to its present owners.   Our clients appreciate their old structures but sometimes find that the mechanical systems are outdated, the kitchens and bathrooms need updating, or the floor plan just doesn’t meet their needs. Although we are renovating in order to meet modern demands, we will preserve and refurbish as many original building items as we can in order to achieve the desired results.

Exterior Repairs

Continued exposure to the elements produces a range of restoration issues for historic buildings. Our experience extends to restoring as well as waterproofing damaged historic substance. Our approach is to tackle the exterior envelope as a single entity, including roofing, carpentry, pointing, painting, and sheet metal. Whether performing epoxy restoration to existing woodwork or in furnishing reproduction doors, sash, moldings or other mill work, our goal is to produce a durable, authentic repair that duplicates the existing work and will last for years. Whether an entire exterior, or just a few isolated items, our craftsmen will perform the repairs necessary to keep your property in viable shape, while maintaining its intended character:

  • Structural repairs
  • Window and door restoration
  • Roofing, gutters, siding and exterior trim repairs
  • Masonry & Stone repairs, Ornamental metals and period specific decorative elements



20215 Old Dominion University Gornto Hall Elevator Modernization

4/1/2021   Athens Building Corp. is awarded the construction contract for the elevator modernization at Gornto Hall for ODU. Gornto Hall is located at 1236 W 43rd Street between the library and the new Education building on the main Norfolk campus of Old Dominion University. The ODU welcome center is on the first floor in room…

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10736 Renovation of the Ferguson Building, Richmond VA

Athens Building Corp. is awarded the Contract for the Ferguson Building Renovations. The project consists of complete renovations of the existing building to include structural concrete, masonry, roofing, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Life Safety systems and finishes. The intended use for the building upon the renovations will be a dog kennel and training area for the…

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