Project consisted of approximately 12K sq.ft of previously abandoned retail space. The space had been vacant for over eight years and the property changed ownership. Part of the selection process for General Contractors was the ability to identify existing conditions and be able to overcome obstacles in order to bring the project on time and budget. Our original contract amount was a bit north of $585K as we entered construction. Upon examination of existing HVAC and sprinkler systems, we were able to offer cost savings to the owner without jeopardizing the overall quality and feel of the space.

As the top pictures indicate, the space was waiting vacant for many years thus the concern of air borne bacteria was a concern to all parties. Upon a thorough examination and testing process, we were able to identify and treat all threats. The owner and Architect spared no expense when it came to the finishes on this project. Everything from the double backed carpet padding to the inch rubber flooring was selected, purchased and installed with the utmost care. All walls and exposed metals were primed and finished with two top coats of no voc high luster paint. All exposed duct systems were cleaned and sealed in order to preserved the galvanized look. Upon completion of the project, the best feeling the construction team had was when the owner and architect both could not stop commenting on how nice the job was performed.

Owner: Dr. Theresa Stadler, MD   Architect: 2PA Architecture   Completed 2013