Complete Restoration of the 260 year old structure that served as the nations first warning system against foreign enemies. The restoration included period correct wood framing and rails, period correct copper roofing, period correct repairs to brick and mortar as well as the hand built metal railings. Most notably, this project required extreme care in order to restore a one of a kind weather vane located on top of the structure. The article was carefully taken down and crated, shipped to France in order for the repairs to be completed. Athens Building Corp. elected to have the descendent of the original metal craftsman who built the weathervane make the repairs. The bell and other metals were repaired and restored by on-staff tradesmen. The period correct lumber was sourced from the Williamsburg Foundation, while Cathedral Stone products played an intricate role in the brick and mortar replication.

The most challenging portion of the project was the hundreds of visitors who assembled daily in order to oversee the progress of the work during their lunch hour.

At the end of the project, we at Athens Building Corp. are proud to have been part of restoring one of the nation’s oldest and symbolic structures here in the great commonwealth.

Completed 2012