New Construction of 3570 sq.ft. Two Story Assembly Hall on the Historic Ash Lawn Highland Property which was home to President John Monroe. The facility is to be used for weddings and special events hosted by the College of William & Mary as well as the Ash Lawn Highland Historical Society.

The challenges faced during construction of the project was the 2010 brutal winter as the structure was built on the edge of a cliff opposite side of Walton’s Mountain. The severe winds, cold weather , limited site access, historic artifacts as well as the visiting public made this project difficult to assemble and stay on schedule. Upon completion of the project, Athens Building Corp. is very honored to have been part of such a project which bounds modern methods of construction practices along with the age old feel of the property.

The remains of the retaining wall which were protected and encompassed in the new structure, is the last of what was standing of the original barn. The wall was carefully protected and shored up in order for it to serve as the north side façade to the new building. This task was especially challenging during the high winds of the Winter months as crews had to erect steel around it. The building was completed without any HVAC or plumbing facilities. The operable windows are more than ample to cool the space during the summer months in the high country as the facility is not operable during the winter months due to road access to the property. Public toilet facilities are available throughout the Ash Lawn Highland Property thus not being offered in the new facility.