Athens Building Corp. is awarded the  project  to perform structural repairs of parking garages at four, (4), different parking facilities.  The work will entail but not be limited to architectural  systems comprising of ornamental metals and safety barrier systems constructed of structural metal members, metal railings finishes, coping and cap stone removal and  realignment, and wood railing system removal and replacement.  A number of the systems that were reviewed and found to be in need of replacement and repair.  There are four, (4), separate areas which are categorized by the separate parking garages housing the conveyance systems.  Four, (4), sets of plans corresponding to  the proposed work have been developed and approved for construction.  Although separate plans are provided the project will be performed in totality as one, (1) effort.

5th & Marshall Street, Coliseum Parking Garage, Shockoe Plaza Parking Garage, 2nd Street & Grace Street Garage