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Our municipal construction expertise includes projects for city, county, state, and federal agencies. Our construction teams have the qualifications and ability to accommodate a wide range of community needs. We have bonding capacities to handle a wide range of projects, including new construction, renovations and structural repairs. Our special construction team is able to manage sensitive projects in the most secure facilities. We also offer the ability to self perform many divisions of work, allowing us to be both competitive as well as compliant to our clients’ sensitive needs.

Our Pledge to our Municipal Customers

  • On-time, per specifications
  • Sustainability
  • Safety
  • Communication


  • Educational Facilities

    Jouett ES, Louisa VA

    Jouett ES, Louisa VA

    At Athens Building Corp., we have the experience and flexibility necessary to adapt to the unique needs of each client and every project. No matter the challenge, we have the people and the tools to meet the demand. We relentlessly pursue full documentation and frequent communications to ensure specification compliance. Our project control systems allow every member of the project team to know the status of the project, item-by-item, day-by-day.
    Athens Building is a Merit Shop, contracting under the principles of free enterprise in a healthy, competitive climate where skill, dedication and determination ensure successful results. Our Merit Shop philosophy eliminates delays caused by jurisdictional or compensation obstacles, ensuring our clients pay fair market price

    Trevillians ES, Louisa Virginia

    Trevillians ES, Louisa Virginia

    regardless of where we perform.
    Compliance: We understand the special requirements needed in order to work around children. We take on this responsibility seriously and we pledge the following to our Education Clients.

    No Crimes Against Children
    Contractor acknowledges that the implementation of this Contract requires Contractor,
    Contractor’s employees or other persons that will provide services under this Contract to have direct contact with students. Therefore, Contractor hereby certifies that neither

    Stony Point ES Albemarle Co., VA

    Stony Point ES Albemarle Co., VA

    Contractor, Contractor’s employees nor any person that will provide services under this Contract who will have direct contact with students on school property during regular school hours or during school-sponsored activities have been convicted of a felony or any offense involving the sexual molestation or physical or sexual abuse or rape of a child.

    Employment Discrimination by Contractor Prohibited
    1. During the performance of this Agreement, the Contractor agrees as follows:
    a. The Contractor will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for
    employment because of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability or
    other basis prohibited by state law relating to discrimination in employment,

    Yancey ES Albemarle Co., VA

    Yancey ES Albemarle Co., VA

    except where there is a bona fide occupational qualification reasonably necessary
    to the normal operation of the Contractor. The Contractor agrees to post in
    conspicuous places, available to employees and applicants for employment,
    notices setting forth the provisions of this nondiscrimination clause.
    b. The Contractor, in all solicitations or advertisements for employees placed by or
    on behalf of the Contractor, will state that such Contractor is an equal opportunity
    c. Notices, advertisement and solicitations placed in accordance with federal law,
    rule or regulation shall be deemed sufficient for the purpose of meeting the
    requirements of this section.
    2. The Contractor will include the provisions of the foregoing paragraphs a, b and c in
    every subcontract or purchase order of over $10,000, so that the provisions will be
    binding upon each subcontractor or vendor.

    Faith-Based Organizations
    The Contractor shall not discriminate against faith-based organizations pursuant to
    provisions of Section 2.2-4343.1 of the Virginia Code.

    Drug-Free Workplace
    During the performance of this Agreement, the Contractor agrees to (i) provide a drugfree
    workplace for the Contractor’s employees; (ii) post in conspicuous places, available to employee;
    and applicants for employment, a statement notifying employees that the unlawful manufacture,
    sale, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of a controlled substance or marijuana is
    prohibited in the Contractor’s workplace and specifying the actions that will be taken against
    employees for violations of such prohibition; (iii) state in all solicitations or advertisements for
    employees placed by or on behalf of the Contractor that the Contractor maintains a drug-free
    workplace; and (iv) include the provisions of the foregoing clauses in every subcontract or
    purchase order over $10,000, so that the provisions will be binding upon each subcontractor or

    No Aliens
    The Contractor does not, and shall not during the performance of this contract for goods and
    services in the Commonwealth of Virginia, knowingly employ an unauthorized alien as defined
    in the federal Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

    Compliance with Laws
    For the purposes of this Agreement, it is understood and agreed that the laws, rules and
    regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia shall govern, without regard to Virginia’s conflicts
    of laws provisions.

    Authorization to transact business in the Commonwealth
    The Contractor covenants not to allow its existence to lapse or its certificate of authority or
    registration to transact business in the Commonwealth, if so required under Title 13.1 or Title 50
    of the Virginia Code, to be revoked or cancelled at any time during the term of the contract.

  • Government Installations


    VAANG 192 Fighter Wing Sandston,VA

    Our experience in the private sector has provided us with opportunities in government construction and remodeling. Because we are an all-inclusive construction company, we handle projects from beginning to end making us ideal for government contracts. All sketches, blueprints, and any other preliminary materials are created in house which afford us a competitive edge over companies that outsource their design, development, and production.

    We can effectively and efficiently complete projects in government installations across the region. Our team of full-time employees is able to dispatch to remote locations quickly in order to help organizations realize their constructions goals. We are consistently awarded projects so we know how to manage the logistics of a federal construction program.

  • Convention & Conference Centers


    Hampton Convention Center Hampton,VA

    Convention centers are designed to serve a multitude of events with the flexibility to meet the unique requirements of venue. These structures serve as a landmark that attracts world-class events to a local community. We focus on the level of skill, knowledge, and expertise required to undertake these projects and the key influences on revenue generation should we not meet a goal.  We offer the technical expertise, and skilled professionals to help you address key elements such as scheduling and budget.

    Our successful track record speaks to the ability to bring these projects in on time and on budget. You can be assured our team will bring innovative ideas and reliable solutions in order to deliver the best results.

    Ash Lawn Pavilion Pres. James Monroe Farm Charlottesville, VA

    Ash Lawn Pavilion
    Pres. James Monroe Farm
    Charlottesville, VA

  • Air Port / Transportation


    Massey Energy Hangar Chesterfield,VA

    As a building partner with municipalities and facilities that bring society together across regions and cultures. Our mission is to provide the best possible value and share your passion for providing excellent customer experiences through premiere facilities.

    Our transportation project experience is inclusive of both federal and private, and our projects take place in highly secure environments. Often requiring zero downtime on active facilities, working without disruption to operations, we have built a resume of constructing both challenging and exciting facilities while understanding the flexibility and communication required when working with an existing airport or airfield. This proven success, coupled with our integrity, project specific safety policy, and team-oriented approach will ensure your project is a success.

    FR Warren County Airport

    Front Royal / Warren County Airport , Virginia

  • Sensitive & Secure Facilities


    FDIC Mainframe Facility Location Classified

    Our proven performance to manage construction in fully operational and secure buildings, create reliable and comprehensive solutions to complex security challenges, while providing the best value to our customers is why Athens Building Corp. is an industry leader in this market segment. Since September 11, 2001, we have discretely completed some on the Nation’s most sensitive data centers, emergency & disaster response centers and ordinance proof shelters. We acquire the technical skills, security clearance as well as the duty to serve our nation.

  • Special Construction


    SCWWA Facility Petersburg,VA

    In our evolution to becoming a more efficient, innovative company, we’ve leveraged our talent and utilized emerging technologies to create value added services that foster collaboration and enable us to build better. We seek to bring unique, additional value to our clients through these services and programs.


20215 Old Dominion University Gornto Hall Elevator Modernization

4/1/2021   Athens Building Corp. is awarded the construction contract for the elevator modernization at Gornto Hall for ODU. Gornto Hall is located at 1236 W 43rd Street between the library and the new Education building on the main Norfolk campus of Old Dominion University. The ODU welcome center is on the first floor in room…

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10736 Renovation of the Ferguson Building, Richmond VA

Athens Building Corp. is awarded the Contract for the Ferguson Building Renovations. The project consists of complete renovations of the existing building to include structural concrete, masonry, roofing, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Life Safety systems and finishes. The intended use for the building upon the renovations will be a dog kennel and training area for the…

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